Para|Gif - Lorian and Jack Daniels - Lucia||Dorian

Dorian was just walking into the room with two bottles of whiskey and bourbon he has found somewhere in back yard when he put them on the table and fixed collar of shirt he was wearing. He didn’t know why he did it, but he felt the urge. 
He threw himself on bed and opened diary he has found hidden in yard, he had no idea whose it was but it seemed like a fun thing to do. 
So he was reading when he heard Lucia walking in, “Hey there.”

"You’re as accurate as swiss watch.", he smirked, "So, what have you brought us there?"

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    She laughed and shrugged "You accused me of giving up. And I do not give up.” She knew it must be irritating to him and...
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    "That was weird, what did you fake cry for?", he laughs really not understanding why was she even crying, or fake crying...